Guiltless Goodies by Sylvia  

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Available Sugary & (most) Sugar Free

Basic Flavors:


Strawberry Chunk


Mexican Vanilla

German Chocolate**             

Marble (Vanilla & Chocolate) 

Chocolate Chip Fudge  

Specialty Flavors:

Lemon Supreme                     


 Red Velvet

Tres Leches (Can also be reduced sugar)

 Pina Colada                            

Popular Wedding Flavors:

White Wedding with raspberry cream cheese filling**                    

18 Karrot (raisin & carrot) with whipped cream cheese icing  

White Velvet wedding cake with Strawberry Glaze filling                 

Easterhazy (Hungarian) with whipped icing**                      

French Vanilla with strawberry creme filling            

Popular Groom's Cake Flavors:                      

Whiskey Bourbon with Salted caramel filling                  

Buttered Rum with buttercream icing

Butter Pecan with caramel buttercream**                        

White cake with Oreo buttercream filling 

Chocolate Chip Fudge with Chocolate Buttercream           

German Chocolate with coconut icing** 


Strawberry Glaze                 

Lemon Custard

Bavarian Cream                    

Salted Caramel

Chocolate Fudge                    

Raspberry Cream Cheese


White Chocolate Mousse 

Raspberry Filling

Fresh Fruit

Oreo Buttercream


**Contains nuts, coconut, almonds, or pecans**